VW Transporter T32

Transporters, Probably one of the coolest vans in the world right now, plus great VW build quality. On top of that, this one being the T32 model, makes it one of the fastest production vans in the world. We were called in to give the T32 a Full Valet before sale, our customer said he wanted to buy a orange T32 instead (well.. why not?)

Having been used for work on a daily basis, the paint condition was good but not perfect. After a thorough Wash using Meguair's Shampoo Plus and Microfibre Towel Dry, we got a clearer look at the paint. Looking to be tar free, we decided that we could get straight on to the Hand polishing process. We used Auto Finesse Tripple, containing lots of lovely oils and glazes to really enhance the depth of the black paint.

After that we turned our attention to the chrome on the Transporter, as the chrome wasn't marred to badly we used only a lightly abbrasive metal polish, Meguiar's NXT Metal polish, which worked like a treat, bringing a clear reflection straight back, these little details really add up in the end.

Once all of that was complete, we cleaned the glass, polished the rims and blacked the tyres. The T32 was really looking great by then but we had one last external job to do. Wax it!

For the waxing process, we used Auto Finesse Passion, a high quailty carnauba wax. This really locked in all that lovely gloss and reflection, whilst adding a dripping wet look. Once the wax was buffed off using a plush Microfibre cloth, the T32 was looking amazing. Pictures doing no justice to it!

Now to the inside.

We started by vacuuming out the whole Transporter. After that we cleaned all of the front and back cab plastics, using a 1:10 dilution of Poorboy's APC. This really ate into the ingrained dirt in the cab. Once it was thoroughly cleaned, we protected and dress the plastics with Auto Glym Vinyl and Rubber Care, bringing that perfect natural shimmer back to all the plastics.

We then started on the leather seats, first we cleaned them using Auto Glym Leather Cleaner, then we applied Auto Glym Leather Balm, with these two treatments we restored the leather back to nearly perfect condition, leaving them with a soft and supple feel.

All that was left was to add the finishing touches, Glass cleaned, Door shuts cleaned and polished and we were there!

This beautiful VW Transporter T32 was looking Fantastic! Making us delighted and our customer!


Paint Protection


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