Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60, believe it or not, this is probably one of our most interesting and important details we have ever done. The reason? This type of detailing is where we to expand Refined-Shine. We do not currently offer this detail and we really do want only the safest and best car care results. This Volvo XC60 under went a 2-stage machine polishing process. This was to remove all paint defects and to leave a incredibly pure paint condition. We are not going to bor you with the whole washing process, After all, it's a Volvo.

Once washed and dried, we got out the rotary polishing machine. These can be dangerous to use if your not trained how to use one properly.

For this Detail, We choose to use Meguiar's #105 compound and Meguiar's #205 compound, in conjuction with a medium grade foam polishing pad and a soft finishing grade foam pad. #105 being a heavy abrasive polish, we used the medium grade pad and #205 being a oily finishing polish, the finishing pad. we started the polishing process on the bonnet using #105 and worked our way around the XC60 in a anti-clockwise direction. This process took about 30mins pre panel on average.

Once we had finished using the #105 compound, we Auto Glym Rapid Detailered the car, removing any excess polish.

We then started the exact same process again but instead, using the finishing pad and #205 finishing polish.

Once the polishing process was complete, we once more Rapid Detailed the XC60. After that we applied two coats of Auto Finesse Tough Coat Sealent. The reflection and finish from Tough Coat is truly jaw dropping.

Then we applied two coats of wax, using Auto finesse Passion. The results so far were some of the best car care results we had ever attained. But there was more work still to do.. We payed extra close attention to the small details, including: Dressing Wheel arches, Door Seals, Windscreen jets and wipers, honey-combe grills and anything that the eye could see. You would not believe the difference these tiny details make.

We finished off by adding the finishing touches: Cleaning, Polishing and Waxing door shuts, Dressing the tyres, Cleaning and Polishing the glass.

We think the best thing now is for you to look at some pictures!


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Paint Correction

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