Tesla Roadster

Tesla, a fully electric sports car. An incredibly cool one at that, especially when its in Lime Green! We love all sorts of cars here at Refined-Shine, but up until recently, we have not really been massive electric car fans. They have never really had anything about them, they were just "a Car". Recently tho, they have really got much better. The Tesla takes them from 'just' better to outright cool

We where at a job in the centre of Oxford, having been booked in to valet four car, only knowing what three of the four cars were. The forth car was discribed as "a little sports car". After finishing the three cars.. our Customer says: "Best till last". A very exciting statement! Out rolls from the garage, a Lime Green Tesla Roadster. We cant deny, we love it when our customers surprise us!

A Mini Valet was requested for the Tesla, as it had only just returned from the dealer and had been full valeted there, paint protection still in full swing! This made it a pleasure just to wash with the protection still working, we decided to use Auto Glym Shampoo and Gloss enhancement, this give a just waxed look to the tesla, then Microfiber Towel dried the Tesla.

Added the finishing touches as always, tyres dressed and windows cleaned.

Now To The Inside

Firstly, These Tesla's are incredible low slung, only when we hopped into clean the interior did we really realise just how low slung they were!

We started by vacuuming the Tesla thoroughly, getting into all the little corners and gaps

Once we had completed that, we started on cleaning the surfaces inside, using Poorboy's APC to remove any stubborn dirt marks. This alone made a big difference. As these cars are very difficult to get in and out of, there were a few scuff marks on the door cards. After that was complete, we dressed all the interior surfaces with Auto Finesse Dressle. This enhanced the interior, adding the perfect balance of shine and matte.

We added the last few touches, windows cleaned and door shuts cleaned.

This amazing "little sports car" finished!


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