Paint Protection


Paint protection is one of the most talked about and important subjects in car care. There are two main types of paint protection,Natural Carnauba Wax and Synthetic Sealants. what's the difference and when should they be used?

What's The Difference?

Natural Carnauba Wax

Natural Carnauba Waxes are well know to produce richer, glossier and deeper finishes, especially when used on dark coloured vehicles. However, this offen comes at a cost, both in durability and price. Carnauba waxes generally have a durability span of only about two - three months. They also often cost more then synthetic sealant due to them coming from a natural source. We love using natural carnauba waxes here at Refined-Shine, there finish quality is fantastic.

Synthetic Sealants

Synthetic sealants are not as glossy as Carnauba wax, rather they leave a sharp and highly reflective look to vehicles. This makes them fantastic for light coloured vehicles. Unlike waxes, synthetic sealants are very durable, offering typically five - six months of protection. We find synthetic sealants are a key produced to Refined-Shine and a pleasure to use!

When Should They Be Used?

Any type of paint protection, whether Synthetic sealant or Carnauba Wax, should be used after you have decontaminated and polished the vehicle, after all these produces are here to 'protect' the paint finish attained by decontaminating and polishing the paint, the fact that they often enhance the apperance is a welcomed bonus.

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