Paint Decontamination

Paint Decontamination

Why Is Paint Decontamination Important

Contamination.. you would be surpised how many car suffer with paint contamination. Even after a vehicle has been polished, often the paint is still contaminated. One of the tricks of the trade is, get a plastic food bag and put your hand in it, then carefully move your hand across the paint work. If your paint work feels rough, your paint is contaminated! What is it causing the contamination? Well, these come from two different sources: Natural Contaminants & Industrial Contaminants.

Natural Contaminants

Natural Contaminats are things like:

• Pollen

• Tree Sap

• Tar

and so on..

Industrial Contaminants

Industrial contaminants are caused by:

• Brake Dust Fallout

• Railways

• Manufacturing Fallout

The list goes on.. But how do you remove these contaminants?

Contaminant Removal

Finally it's time to talk about Paint Decontamination. We will discuss three main methods used to decontaminant paint.

Tar and glue removal

This is quite a simple process, as you often spray the surfaces that need treating, then allow them to be softened. Once the Tar is fully softened, we simply wipe down the areas sprayed with tar and glue remover. After tht, its important to wash the vehicle.

Iron Removal

Just like Tar and Glue removal, Iron removal is quite easy. Simply spray the vehicle down using a product like Auto Finesse Iron X, Leave it for 10 minutes. You will notice that the paint starts to "bleed" purple residue. This is normal and quite a cool feature of these products. We then wipe the vehicle down and Jet wash it. Once again its important to wash the vehicle after this process.

Clay Bar

So, this method of paint deontamination is one of the originals.. But still a very effective way of decontaminating paint work. Clay bars are basically a lump of clay.. (though it's not actually made of clay). A clay bar is used with a lubricant to stop it marring paint. This process basically pulls out pretty much all of the paint contaminants. This procees takes around 1-2 hours depending on the size of the vehicle. After Claying is finished, the vehicle should be wash as normal

That pretty much sums up paint decontamination!

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