Paint Correction

For The Most Refined Reflection


Paint Correction, there are many different types of paint correction, from the standard hand polish all the way to wet sanding. The difference in the results is another matter. Hand polishing, a very well know method that we often love the results from, but with regards to paint correction, its effects are minimal. Often, these products contain glazes and oils that, instead of removing paint defects, fill them instead. Don't get us wrong, 9 times out of 10, you will be more then happy with the results. After all, hand polishes are a staple of every good valeter.

What about the other forms of paint corrections, well this is where polishing machines and compounds come into action. Let's start with machines. There are two machines commonly used in the valeting world, they are: Dual Action Machine or Rotary Machine. What's the difference?

Dual Action Machine (DA).

DA's spins in two directions, giving a safer yet sometimes lesser paint finish then a rotary. Often these are the best machines to buy if you are planing to attempt good paint correction yourself.

Rotary Machines

Rotaries spin from a fixed position. This means you can get a much better cut on the paint then a DA can, meaning you get a more pure paint finish. However this comes at a cost. Rotaries are well known to be hard to use! They can leave holograms, buffer trails and burn the paint in the worst case scenarios.


Compounds are a polish that are often used with DA or rotary machines, but it's how they work that makes them a compound not what they are used with. The thing that makes a compound different is that it breaks down the abbrasives that it contains. Unlike a normal polish in which the abbrasives remain the same the whole way throught the polishing process. What this means is that you end up with a much more refined finish and a deeper and often glossier look.

Wet Sanding

This is the highest quality method in paint correction currently. Now even if your paint is completely scratch free, there is often a paint effect called "Orange Peel". To remove orange peel you have to wet sand the car. Wet sanding is very hard to carry out correctly, thus not to be attemped by anyone less then a professional. After the car has been wet sanded, the car will be rotary polished. The Finish left will be nothing but jaw dropping once carried out correctly!

Paint Correction Most Used

Hand Polish
DA + Normal Polish
DA + Compounds
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