How We Get The Best Results With Ultimate Safety


Find out how we make sure that your paint is kept safe.

Washing & Drying Process

Believe it or not, most marring caused to paint is done during the washing process, thats why it's important to use special methods to prevent this from happening.

Lambs Wool Mitt

Why is a lambs wool mitt better then a normal sponge? Well, traditional sponges don't allow anywhere for the dirt and grime to go whilst washing, as a result sponges end up dragging the dirt and grime along the paint surface, thus causing paint marring. Instead, A lambs wool mitt has plently of spaces for the dirt and grime to hide in, stopping paint marring from happening.

Double Bucket Method

Why should you use two buckets? Well, by using two buckets you once again lower your chances of causing paint marring, how? The double bucket method works like this, you have one bucket for washing the vehicle and one bucket for rinsing the mitt out inbetween dips, cleaning out all the dirt and grime collected on your mitt during the washing process. By using this method you reduce heavily, the chance of marring your vehicles paint.

Microfibre Drying Towel

Leathers are no longer the king of automotive drying products. Instead, plush Microfibre Drying towels are! Why? Due to the sheer amount of water these Towels can hold. This allows you to use an process called "Pat Drying". Unlike drying a car with a leather, where you could catch a piece of dirt missed in the washing process and then drag it along the paint, pat drying stops that, by dabbing the car dry, if there are any pieces of dirt missed during the washing process, you don't drag the dirt and grime across the paint. This means that your washing and drying process is as safe as is reasonably possible.

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