Jaguar XF

Pure British Luxury, Jaguar have always been one of Britain's finest car makes. In the last few year however, they have made even more of a mark in the luxury car market. We believe that the jaguar XF is the car of Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds and without doubt, the essence of refined motoring.

We got a email from the gentleman who owns this beautiful Jaguar XF, asking us to valet two of this pride and joy's and the family car. Booking the Jaguar in for a All-Around Valet.

Firstly, we started by hand washing the Jag, we decided to use Auto Glym Shampoo and Gloss Enhancement just to add as much gloss to this lovely grey XF. On all the grill and badges we used Meguiar's APC to clean all the dirt off the tricky chrome work. Once the wash was complete we dried the Jag.

Once all that was completed, we polished the XF using Auto Glym Super Resin Polish, due to the high sealant content in SRP and the Jag being Titanium Grey, this added a bucket load of reflection and really enhanced the Jags paint work. We then polished all the chrome using Meguiar's NXT Metal Polish, on a car with lots of chrome, this made a big difference to the end results. the XF was looking fantastic on the outside.. We just had the finishing touches to do. Tyres Blackened, Windows Cleaned and the outside was done.

To The Interior

The Interior in a Jaguar is really what makes them true luxury. We started by vacuuming out the interior properly. The carpets are so lush they practically hand you the dirt, so just vacuuming makes a massive difference.

After the vacuuming was complete, we started cleaning the interior surfaces. Due to most of the surfaces being leather, we decided to use Poorboy's (leather Safe) APC to clean off the minor amount of grime that the leather and other surfaces were holding. We dressed the leather using Auto Glym Leather Balm, this both made the leather parts look great but also made it lovely and supple. On the other surfaces we used Auto Finesse Dressle, giving that natural shimmer that looks great.

After cleaning the interior glass and the door shuts, this lovely jag was finished..

Please Enjoy The Photos Below


Paint Correction


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