Ferrari F355 Valet

Ferrari, the word itself is exciting! So when we got asked to valet one, we where more then happy (and excited) to take the job. This ferrari was being sold at a dealership in Oxfordshire. They asked us to enhance the paint work of the F355, so after a quick look over it we decided it would need a wash, hand polish and a high quality carnuba wax. We can't lie, the paint condition was pretty good but we were sure that once we were finished with it, it would look unbelievable.

First, we wash this beautiful Ferrari using Auto Glym Shampoo and Gloss Enhancement, you notice every little detail when you clean one of these sort of cars, as a result they can take a long time just to wash (always a pleasure though). After washing, we Microfibre Towel dried the F355.

Once we finished that, it was time to Hand Polish this Ferrari. We decided to use Auto Finesse Tripple as this contains Carnauba wax, which added a real warmth to the paint. Then we, turned our attention to all the chrome details on the F355. We used Meguiar's NXT Metal Polish for this job. Already the Ferrari F355 was looking amazing and we had one more stage to go.

We were ready to start the Waxing stage. Due to the fact that Auto Finesse Passion was designed for red paints orginally, it seemed like a no brainer to use it on the Scuderia red Ferrari F355. Once the wax was applied and buffed off using a plush Microfibre cloth, the Ferrari F355 was Glowing!

We then added the key finishing touches, glass cleaned and tyres dressed

This beautiful machine was ready to go back into the showroom. Once in, the dealer and ourselves put the soft top down, then added a sign saying: "please do not touch!" A company after our own heart's


Engine Cover

It's the extra little details that makes our job a real pleasure. This Ferrari's engine cover gives ample reason to see why.

Paint Protection


No one can deny just how inconic the ferrari badge is. We used Meguiar's NXT metal polish on all the crome details around the car. Finished off by waxing it for extra shine & protection .



Once we had finished, we put the Ferrari back in the show room, after which a piece of paper was put on the windscreen saying "Please Do Not Touch". A company after our heart's!

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