Fantom Range Rover

Range Rover's, elegant luxury that conquer both the mountains and the city! Can you make one better? no.. not really! Can you make one different? Definitly. This Fantom Range Rover was definitly different, some people love it, some people hate it. It's a real opinion spliter. We think it's quite cool really.

The Fantom was booked in for a Full Valet after the owner had just returned from Paris the day before.

First, we started by washing the Fantom Range Rover (FRR), For this we selected Meguiar's Shampoo Plus for the job, offering plenty of suds to keep the wash process as safe as possible. After that we used a Microfibre Towel to dry the FRR. With all the dirt and grime from the paint work gone, we had chance to see the paint properly. We noticed a touch of tar by the front wheel arches, we used a spot of tar remover and got rid of all the tar present.

Once that was completed, we started the the hand polishing process. We decided to use Auto Glym Super Resin Polish, wanting to maximise the reflection on such a big car. Auto Glym SRP never disappoints, one of the best general polishes on sale. The FRR was incredibly reflective once we finished polishing

Next, we cleaned the the windows and dressed the tyres.

Finally, It was time to wax the FRR. After aiming for a maximum reflection during the polishing process, we choose to us Auto Finesse Passion to add a wet look and since it offers up to six months of protection, keep the paint in tiptop condition.

The Outside was finished

Now to the inside

In a Range Rover the inside is definitly more interesting then the outside, in this Fantom Range Rover, this couldn't be more true! The seats have been re-upholstered with Blue, White and Black leather, along with the door cards and more..

We started by vacuuming out the interior

Once we finished that, we started deep cleaning the carpets, as these would need time to dry properly. This removed any marks from the carpets, though there were only one or two present, it also gave them a fresh look and feel.

Next, we cleaned all the rubber mats using Poorboy's APC, removing ingrained dirt. Then dressed them with Auto Finesse Dressle, taking them back to a jet black apperance.

Then it was time to move on to the leather, for this we used a Raceglaze Leather Brush and Leather cleaner. After the leather was all beautiful and clean, we conditioned it using Auto Glym Leather Balm, giving the leather a soft and supple feel.

After that we added the final touches, cleaning all the windows and cleaning & polishing the door shuts.

The pleasure of working on a Fantom Range Rover was over, Job Finished!




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