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Detailing, The finest in Car Care.

What Is Detailing?

Well, detailing.. detailing is a extremely thorough form of valeting in effect. Detailing, as you may have guessed from the name, is all about the detail. so for example, things like wheel arches, honeycomb grills, water jets, rubber seals, and every minor little detail on a car would get cleaned and dressed. This makes a unbelievable difference to a vehicle.

But detailing doesnt stop there.. even finer details are picked up. Paint correction is what really sets a detailed car apart from a valeted car. Why? Well over time paint can become dull due to paint marring, by correction this marring, you end up with a jaw dropping finish, mixed with both reflection and gloss. The only real way to explain this properly is for you to look at a car with perfectly corrected paint. Please look at the 'Volvo XC60' detail in the 'Car Care Blog' section, to see what we are talking about!

Refined-Shine | Detailing

Refined-Shine is dedicated to offering only the finest in car care. We have been working very hard in the background to be able to perform car care at this level consistanly. At the end of the day, we desire each and every customer to be happy with the results achieved with their chosen detail. Once we are happy with the results achieved during every detailing sesssion, we will be delighted to return the car to yourself. Refined-Shine is delighted to offer this avenue of car care to yourself.

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