M5, one of the best, if not the best super saloon! You can't help but be impressed by the M5. A family saloon car with a 5.0L V10, that once delimited, will hit speed of 200mph. We love them here at Refined-Shine, they are the essense of refined motoring.

During valeting the Ferrari F355, we were asked if we would do a full external valet on this beautiful BMW M5... Of course we would!

We started by washing the M5 using Auto Glym Shampoo and Gloss Enhancement, followed by Microfibre Towel drying the M5. Once that was complete, we inspected the paint and due to it being a bit dull we decided to use Meguiar's Ultimate Polish, this has a good amount of abrasive, as well as some good old glazing oils. Using Meguiar's Ultimate Polish is hard graft but well worth it! The paint came out of the polishing process looking deep and fresh.

We then turned our attention to the chrome bit on the M5. For most of the chrome Meguiar's NXT Metal polish was perfect but for the exhaust pipes we used Auto Glym Metal Polish. Again a more abrasive polish, bring the pipes straight back to lovely chrome.

We added in the small details, dressing the tyres and cleaning the glass

We choose our favourite wax for the waxing process, Auto Finesse Passion. This added even more depth to the paint and gave it that wet look. The M5 was looking truly refined.

The BMW M5 was finished!


Paint Protection


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